We have here a guest blog post + guest comic combo from Big Fish Mag. For those who don’t know BFM, here’s the pitch:

Tuco Benedicto Ramírez once said, “I like big fat men like you. When they fall they make more noise”. Unfortunately, this does not have anything to do with BigFishMag. It just introduces an element of abstractness (or so we think). What BigFishMag has is: Funny Articles (so we think, again), Hilarious Webcomics (and again) and B-Grade movie reviews. What we do not have is a reason for readers to leave our website, ever; and that is the primary reason why you haven’t heard about us.

PS: This website is dedicated in the loving memory of our friend who had cancer in the ass. Although no portion of our income will go to any patient with cancer in the ass, it will make you think twice before ruthlessly clicking on the red X on top of your screen.

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Every smoker starts off life as a non-smoker. Unfortunately, the non-smokers fail to come to terms with this simple fact and treat their brethren with more contempt than there is for Israelis in Palestine. There has always been a war of sorts between the two (Both Israel-Palestine and Smoker-Nonsmoker). A non smoker hates a smoker because he smokes. A smoker hates a non smoker because the fucker just won’t let him smoke in peace!

With the media and everyone else (Catholic wives Club, Nudist transvestites against tobacco, Mrs. Sharma’s Kitty Party…etc.) on the side of the non smoker, the war was always one sided. The smoker never had a voice, or maybe he lost it to throat cancer. On behalf of the smoker, I bring you


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Like I mentioned in the earlier post, I forgot to include several comics in the contest. These were images and entries that were not sent through the entry form. So here’s the part two of the contest results. To compensate for the SNAFU, everyone gets a prize!

Starting with:

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Woah, what a contest! The captioning was hard (It began with “anyway as I lay there completely naked..” after all) and the prizes were cool (smart-ass bindass bags and baaltis).

Got about 60 entries, and I’m including an excel file where you can read all the other ones. Some have bad language, but that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

So here we go, the winning entries below:

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Bindass Comic Contest

December 28, 2009
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It’s time for another one of those “Caption the comic” contest things. Except this time winners get actual stuff, instead of a cheap printout of their comic and some chocolates.
Here’s how it works. Below is the comic, the first and last dialogues are pre-filled. You provide the rest. The best entries get a bunch of [...]

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The Toe Nail Guy

Meet the Characters: Toe Nail Guy

December 27, 2009

The Toe Nail guy was the most popular character on Fly, You Fools! There are two of them, and they were there from the first comic. They were certified Class A Ranters, and whined about everything from the music they play in Barista to strange Indian blog titles and the lack of Mogambo’s terrorist vision [...]

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Spining a dark web of fun

November 26, 2009
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Got featured in The Hindu along with other comics like XKCD, PhD. The usual suspects.
Also had an interview with Webneetech, in one of their Blogger interviews. Check out the other blogs, you’ll find a few good ones. Read the interview. Perhaps I should get a new photo.

Brought in some good traffic, and new Chennai followers [...]

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Laughter Therapy

September 2, 2009

Satan Dolly
Remember those Demons and bad guys in Ramayan/Mahabharat? Guess what they played with in their childhood.

If your child is a hyperactive stuff wrecker you can him this doll to scare him into submission. Or maybe he’s got constipation and needs an easy release..
The ad clearly shows children turning into that thing in the [...]

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Guest Comic Competition – Nominations

August 26, 2009
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So the entries for the guest comic competition are in. Now you have to decide the winner. Check out the comics and rate them below! The best comic wins a copy of the Internet!
1- The Truth is Hidden

by Shantanu Adhicary
(Click for large size)
2 – First Rant

by Xacarob Pernicious
Click for full comic
3 – Second Rant
by Xacarob [...]

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Guest Comics Invited

August 6, 2009
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Since I haven’t been making new comics for a while, I’ve decided to outsource the next panel.
Here’s the deal: You send in your entry. I shortlist a few and all the readers vote on the best one.

It can be a photo with text, sketch with stick figures, really fine drawing, flash movie, video, anything.
Maximum [...]

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Got featured in Hindustan Times

July 18, 2009

Got featured in Hindustan Times along with XKCD and Jesus and Mo. The article says the owner of XKCD and some other comics is able to make a living through the webcomic. It stays silent on the revenue of Fly You Fools. A good move there…
Additional hilarity: Go to HT’s link for this article here: [...]

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