More Fun with Stats & Top Sexy Keywords

April 25, 2009

Sex continued to be the driving force towards for bringing visitors to this comic

It’s been nearly an year since I published the last Statistics report for and the results for this year are:

  • GREAT for the traffic increase,
  • HUGE for the increase in the number of subscribers, and
  • EXTREMELY HORNY USERS for the keywords searched.

In the last year, the site got ~250,000 pageviews from 166 countries (Top 3 – India, USA, UK). The top sources for traffic were:

  1. Stumbleupon (Mainly because of Strange Advertising Slogans)
  2. Google (Searches on the keywords mentioned below)
  3. Direct Traffic (When people go to directly)
  4. (That’s right, they linked me in their “Press” section!)
  5. Remains of the Desi (Another article on S Bhabhi)
  6. Gmail, Indianpad, Reddit, Digg come after that. Twitter is at #10.

The strange advertising slogans comic got submitted on Digg and hit the front page, but as usually happens, someone linked directly to the image so all those visits didn’t really register. And anyway the Digg crowd (being the FAIL mongering retard ass rapers they are) did not like it much.

As is obvious Savita Bhabhi remains popular. In case you haven’t heard of SB, it’s an Indian porn-toon site and is Not Safe For Work. Go home and check it, if you have to. There have been protests against it, so obviously the news channels did their bit of khulasaing and very happily showed the images on TV (after semi-blurring the objectionable bits – which is 90% of the site).

Apparantly, the latest SB episode has a Amitabh Bacchhan lookalike, and Karan Johar wants to sue the creators of SB. Wait, what?

But all these insights pale in front of the following raw data! This is a dump of the stuff people searched in Google and landed on the site. Starting from most popular, going down.

I present to you, the depravity of the Indian Youth:

savita bhabi
savita bhabhi
fly you fools   <== Reasonable
indian sex comics
flyyoufools   <== Reasonable
savita bhabhi comics
savita bhabhi story
savita bhabhi comic
savita bhabhi sex stories
dying goat from eating apples <== WTF!!
indian bhabhi
indian porn comics
savita bhabhi sex   <== Reasonable
indian bhabi
garam bhabhi <== WTF!
sex with bhabhi
sawita bhabhi
savita bhabhi fly you fools
savitha bhabi
indian comic sex
sex slave comics <== WTF!
savita bhabhi sex comics
savita bhabi comics
savita bhabie
savita bhabhi stories
savita bhabhi sex story
indian news channels
savita babhi
anal comics <== WTF!
savitha bhabhi
uncle sex <== WTF! <== WTF!
indian comics   <== Reasonable
savita bhabhi hindi
savita bhabhi hindi comics
indian webcomics   <== Very Reasonable
bhabi sex
savita bhabi sex
savitha bhabhi sex stories
indian porn comic
indian web comic
indian webcomic
indian adult comics
saad akhtar <== WTF! No wait…  Reasonable
bhabhi sex
the times of bullshit
saveeta bhabi
savita bhabhi .com
sex comics indian
savitha bhabhi pornographic comic
sex with bhabi
funny indian comic
nudism <== WTF! Dude! You’re googling the URL??
www.savita bhabi .com
indian sex stories savita bhabhi
indian comic porn
sex with uncle (South Park, Anyone? <= Link to youtube)
mary jane ki ek packet
indian bhabhi sex
indian porn
porn comics
dark knight overrated <== FTW!
fly fools
sex slave comic
horny monkey
pulp fiction
savita bhabhi boobs
funny unanswered questions   <== Reasonable
free indian sex comics
indian advertising slogans   <== Reasonable
indian sex slave
to kill a mockingbird comic strip   <== Reasonable
anal comic   <== In Soviet Russia, Anus Mocks You!
comics like savita bhabhi
famous unanswered questions   <== Reasonable
indian ad slogans   <== Reasonable
funny taglines   <== Reasonable
horny comics
indian bhabhi porn
indian news channel   <== Reasonable
indian nudists
fucking savita bhabhi
india sex comics
indian bhabi sex
indian sex savita
indian sex savita bhabhi
indian taglines
advertising slogans in india
agony uncle
comic savita bhabhi
You’re still actually reading this shit?
india tv funny news
pakistan denial
recession comics
similar to savita bhabhi
aam sex   <== WTF!
advertising taglines
agony sex
bhabhi aur devar   <== WTF
fire exit plan
india tv breaking news
shit art   <== WTF
life questions to think about
sex monkey   <== WTF
anti constipation medicine
food terrorism
reality show host
samsung slogan
fast food is killing us
fly you fools designers must kill   <== WTF
flyyoufools mac pc
fools fly
indian suck
indian toon porn
indian you porn
is fast food killing us
making of rock on movie
monkey sex
philosophers friends on gtalk
small penis comic
suicidal loser
constipation medicine india
define relief
devar bhabhi sex stories   <== WTF
mindless cattle
nudist comics
rock band films

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1 shiv 06.08.09 at 12:57 AM

hot and very sexy savitabhabhi

2 conman 08.19.09 at 1:56 PM

WTF! Its reasonable ;-)

3 Desi Ninja 12.08.09 at 6:53 PM

keywords that link to my blog is ‘desi google sex video’ WTF!

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