Laughter Therapy

September 2, 2009

Satan Dolly

Remember those Demons and bad guys in Ramayan/Mahabharat? Guess what they played with in their childhood.

If your child is a hyperactive stuff wrecker you can him this doll to scare him into submission. Or maybe he’s got constipation and needs an easy release..

The ad clearly shows children turning into that thing in the exorcist. So maybe there’s some added benefit…

The Most Annoying laugh ever

If your child grows up to become this guy, then you can sympathize with animals who eat their own young. Serious WTF there, how do his relatives live? I’m sure comedy serials or joke telling must be banned from his neighborhood

Die Laughing?

Girl can’t stop laughing at a game show. And host can’t decide if she’s happy, or dying of asphyxiation. But funny still…

Hyuk, hyuk hyuk…

Grandpa has the funniest laugh ever. Seriously, this guy is the opposite of the “2. Annoying Laughter Guy”. Next two videos are also related to gramps.

Alien girl laughing over Grandpa

This video is so cool, without the sound off!

Laughter Chain

A laughter chain of people laughing over other people laughing! Features Hyuking grandpa too. Check out the French woman in the end. Tennis players grunt more softly than this.

All the weird laughing messed you up? Here’s a video of a perfectly normal human baby laughing to clear your senses.

And now, for something completely different

The Funniest Joke Ever


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{ 1 comment }

1 Anonymous 09.10.09 at 11:38 PM

Hi, just discovered your site and so I’m posting here in your blog pretty randomly. Why? I’m not quite sure myself.

Anyways, I sorta just started reading xkcd a few weeks back (apparently you read it as well?) and one thing led to another which somehow led me to google “indian web comic” and guess what, your’s was the first result. (Pretty neat, huh?) So that’s basically it. I’m assuming your site must be quite popular if it’s the first result google throws up so this comment will probably be ignored etc. Yet I continue writing it…strange disease this internet.

Anyhow read a few of your comics and they were quite funny. Being a delhi’ite myself I can relate to alot of things and I simply love your style where two people are just sitting and discussing random things.

(Though with the delhi’ite thing it’s more like a view from the outside, having been in Goa for the past 3 years.)

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